Seventh edition of the most important conference on e-commerce in the travel industry - selling tourist products on the internet

e-Travel Forum

22 - 23 January 2013, Gromada Airport Hotel, Warsaw


It is the sixth time we have a pleasure and an honor to invite you for the one of the most import ant conferences on the on-ine activity in tourist and travel business in Poland. Every year e-Travel forum is an event attracting almost 300 participants. It is a venue where all of them can learn about the latest trends and inventions and enjoy the unique opportunity to establish new business contacts and working relationships. Among the participants not only hotel and tour operators are represented but also airline, airline CRS operators, municipalities and IT solutions providers.



What’s new?


On this very 2013 year new concepts have been introduced for the first time:


22.01.2013 - will be the hotel operators day. Top and middle hotel management may enjoy this day free of charge!



23.01.2013 - will be the travel agency and tour operators day. Top and middle travel agency and tour operator management may enjoy this day free of charge!



If you are interested to attend the conference as a speaker please contact our conference programme concuil. Concuil will be also waiting for the prospective speakers even in the course of the conference.


Information for the tour operators and hotel representatives

To register your free participation please follow the following steps:

  2. Fill In the form including your mailing address and personal data. In the field rebates please tick the "100%", and tick corresponding day (22.01 - hotels, 23.01 – tour operators)
  3. At the bottom of the form tick "register and issue the payment via bank transfer"
  4. When the form is completed we will contact you for the verification and reconfirmation 

100% for 2 participants maximum!

Should you have any questions please contact us over the mail or the phone.


News about e-Travel Forum 2013


Business meeting zone


e-Travel forum is not only about the presentations. No matter  how well prepared and interesting the presentations are, nothing replace personal contact with the other participants. We have made a special application available for you where you can check who is registered and arrange a meeting with the person of your choice at the special place arranged for you.




Why you should participate in e-Travel forum 2013?


Participation in e-commerce is a key condition for your continuous development. E-travel form is a two day conference which gives you the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and developments in e-sales tools used in the travel and tourism. This includes social media promotional tools, mobile technologies, new technical solutions. This forum is the best opportunity to update and improve current knowledge. It is an ideal opportunity for tour operators, hotels airlines, and any other travel related businesses.


Don't miss out on discounts!


Before you fill in registering form please check the available discounts (rebates do not sum up):


  • 100% discount for one day for top and middle managers of hotels and tour operators i.e.
    Attention! Discount applies to participate in only one day of the conference:
    22.01 – for hotel management
    23.01 – for tour operators management
  • 10% discounts for the previous participants – discount applies not to the particular participant but to the company (legal entity)
  • 15% for the third participant and more participants





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