Seventh edition of the most important conference on e-commerce in the travel industry - selling tourist products on the internet

e-Travel Forum

e-Travel Forum 2012, Warsaw

31st of January - 1st of February, Marriott Hotel, Centre

2nd - 3 rd of February - Gromada Hotel, Airport



e-Travel Forum - is an annual, international conference dedicated to the issues of online sales of travel products. The conference has grown to the position of a leading industry event in Poland. During its 4-year history the conference was attended by nearly 1,000 participants and 200 speakers. It is viewed as a unique opportunity to estabilish business contacts, meet representatives of major companies and get familiar with the current trends in e-commerce in travel industry. We would like to sincerely invite you to the 5th edition of e-Travel Forum Conference, which will take place between 31st of January and 1st of February 2012 in the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw.

e-Travel Forum 2012 will offer the chance of a "hands-on" experience on all aspects of online sales of travel and hotel products, meeting representatives of world's major companies in person, discussion with experts and people standing behind the success of online companies. e-Travel Forum 2012 Conference  will last for 4 days. The Plenary Session will take place on January 31st and February 1st, while on February 2nd and 3rd we offer the AdWords Internet Advertising Training (included in the conference fee). 


News from the e-Travel Forum 2012 conference


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Business Meetings’ Zone



Participating in conference is not only about presentations. Although we make every effort to ensure that presentations are as fascinating as possible and ensure that they address timely matters and are conducted by experts, nothing can replace the opportunity of meeting with other conference participants face to face. This year, we have designed a new tool for you - an application that will enable you to check who has already registered for the conference and arrange a meeting in the specially prepared section. The application will be available to registered participants who have paid the attendance fee.



Parallel Session



Simultaneously to the main session of the conference there will be a parallel session dedicated to branch-specific presentations, provided by the Sponsors or other participants. Interested speakers and participants are welcome.


Please contact us.



Why attend e-Travel Forum 2012?


We all know that developing e-commerce strategy is fundamental for the existence of any modern company. The e-Travel Forum Conference 2012 offers the opportunity of a two-day insight on the latest trends in electronic commerce and state-of-the-art solutions already deployed in travel industry. Hotels and travel agencies have practically confirmed their appreciation for modern booking systems and market trend analysis software by using them in practice and by organizing trainings in those fields. e-Travel Forum is the perfect opportunity to update the knowledge on the subject for managers and staff of travel agencies, hotels, airlines and other companies from travel industry.

Nowadays, almost every modern company has a Fanpage on Facebook. On the downside – many marketing experts admits that rapid development of social media platforms is just too much for their capabilities. This situation brings up many difficult questions: “How to cope with rapid technology development?”, “What’s the most effective way of using social media in business promotion?”, “What’s the secret recipe for creating and maintaining attractive and engaging Fanpage on Facebook?”. We could be asking these questions endlessly, but instead of this, we’d like to invite you to take part in the next year’s e-Travel Forum Conference. The main focus of this event is to give timely advice on social media and internet strategies in business and help companies out in solving the marketing puzzle.


See the opinion of the participants in the previous edition of the conference e-TRAVEL FORUM.




The 5th edition of the conference will take place at Marriott Hotel***** located in the heart of Warsaw. Due to its very convenient location you can stroll down to the Old Town and visit most of Warsaw important tourist attractions on foot. The Hotel enjoys the oppinion of one of the most prestigious venues in Poland. It was confirmed by the Best Hotel of Poland Awards in 2005 and 2006. 

Read more about our venue: Marriott Hotel


Don't miss out on discounts!



Before you register check possible discounts:

• 15% discount for participants of previous edition. Discount applies to both participants and companies who were taking part in previous editions of e-Travel Forum (it's enough if one company representative took part in previous edition in order to get the discount for any number of employees)

• 15% discount for registration of 2 persons.

• 20% discount for registration of 3 and more persons.

• We have prepared additional discounts for our active fans on Facebook (up to 20%)!




e-Travel Forum on FACEBOOK - business class for fans!



We have great deals for active conference fans on Facebook. Our FanPage is very well received by the participants and those who are planning to attend - visit

It's really worth it to become a fan of e-Travel Forum 2011:

• becoming a fan guarantees the access to the latest news from the travel industry and about the conference itself

• each fan will receive a 10% discount for the participation in the 5th e-Travel Forum Conference

• each fan, whose opinion on the participation in the conference will be re-posted on the conference website will receive up to 20% discount, on the condition of their consent to publish the opinion and their photo

• we have additional benefits for the most active fans - 20 most active fans on e-Travel Forum Facebook profile will receive prizes - every conference fan that will post interesting comments on at least 50 articles on the fanpage and each person who will mark oneself on at least one photograph from the previous editions, published on our Facebook profile, will be given a business class seat in the conference room - will be able to book a seat in the front rows where they will receive special treatment



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